Say what now?  You're telling me there are two events, not just one?  Yes!  ITSF hosts both the World Championships and the World Cup simultaneously. 

The Championship consists of players that qualified by winning a selected events at U.S. and other WCS sanctioned tournaments. Players compete against other opponents of that qualifying years, including those from their own country, at the year of the hosted event. For example, medals are awarded for 2015 and 2016 qualifying players during the 2017 World Cup event where the Championship event is held.

The Team Cup event players are elected by the Team USA Committee to complete against other countries for the year of the hosted event.  Such as, players elected to the 2017 Men's Team compete for medals in the Men's division during the 2017 ITSF World Cup event. 

Both events consist of singles and doubles in 5 divisions: Men’s, Senior’s, Women’s, Juniors, and Disabled.  Most players and teams must first win a qualifying round-robin in order to advance to a Single Elimination bracket to compete for medals.

All players attending either event from the U.S. are considered Team USA members but not all team members play in the Team Cup, nor do all Team Cup members qualify to play in the Championship.

Still confused? Think of it this way...either beat your opponents in a qualifying event and/or get elected by the Committee to represent the U.S. at ITSF Worlds.

Simple, right!